Ocicats and Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex
Cornish Rex are a delicately built but highly energetic breed. They are very devoted to their humans, frequently following them around the house and "helping" with the household chores. The coat of a Cornish is curly and feels like a cross between crushed velvet and watered silk.


GC DreamSong Inkeri

Black and white bicolor

2nd Best of Breed, Region 7

7th Best Cornish in CFA



GC DreamSong Magnolia

Lavender calico


GC, RW DreamSong Tsunami

Blue solid

2nd Best of Breed in CFA
Best of Breed in the Southern Region
19th best cat - AB - in CFA's Southern Region
Best of Color Class in CFA




GC DreamSong Saravina

Dilute calico

CFA Grand Champion,

Best of Breed Cornish Rex, Region 7

National 2nd Best of Color

GC DreamSong Mahree

Chocolate calico

CFA Grand Champion

3rd Best of Breed in CFA, Region 7 (2004-2005 show year)




CH DreamSong Hahna

Blue and white bi-color

CFA Champion


CH DreamSong Rya

Black smoke and white

TICA Champion



CH ChisholmTrl Sprite of DreamSong

Calico smoke

CFA Champion

Up and coming!

DreamSong Sophie

Chocolate tortie point and white





DreamSong Crispin



GC Barmont Black Parade of DreamSong

Black solid

CFA Grand Champion


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